Drummond / North Elmsley

Animal Services

Having a pet adds value to our lives. A pet provides love, delight and companionship. While many people love animals, there are some people who do not. People that do not own pets have their own reasons such as allergies or they don’t want the mess, smell, or the work that can be involved in owning a pet. It is important to respect their decisions and their rights.

Be A Responsible Pet Owner and a Good Neighbour

If you own a pet, please minimize the impact your pet(s) may have on your neighbors. To be a good pet owning neighbor you should:

1. Control excessive noise
If you own a dog be aware of the noise they can make. Many pet owners can become selectively deaf, tuning out or ignoring the noise their pets can make when they bark. Don’t let your dog bark on a continuous or consistent basis when outdoors. Carefully monitoring your pets’ barking while outside at night, mornings and on the weekends can make for a peaceful neighborhood.

2. Keep your pet under control
Fences can make great neighbors. People that do not own pets do not appreciate your pet coming onto their property. What you see as an adorable ball of fur can sometimes be your neighbor’s worst nightmare. When walking your pet always use a leash this not only makes your neighbor more comfortable but can also save your pets life.

3. Poop & scoop
It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet. Many people take great pride in their property, so allowing your pet to urinate or defecate on your neighbor’s property will definitely lead to problems.

4. Identification dog tags
The Township will not be selling dog tags so please make sure your dog has an identification tag with your contact information on it in the event your dog wanders away from home so it can be quickly reunited with you.