Drummond / North Elmsley

Planning Fees

Most planning applications are processed on a cost recovery basis where the final cost to the applicant equals the Township’s costs in processing the file. Planning Fees for 2018 are as follows:

Type of ApplicationFeeType of ApplicationFee
Official Plan Copy$30.00Zoning Bylaw Copy$30.00
Mailing List$35.00Consent Proposal Review Fee$250.00
Plan of Subdivision$5,000.00Official Plan Amendment$1,500.00
Zoning By-Law Amendment $800.00Zoning Compliance$50.00
Minor Variance $800.00Inspection by other departments$50.00
Other Planning Agreements $800.00Road Closure Application $4,000.00
Planning Site Inspections not included elsewhere$50.00Deeming By-law $400.00
Lifting a Holding Zone $600.00