Questions and Answers for Candidates

This page will be updated with questions as they are received and answered from the Deputy Clerk.

Q. Do I require additional identification on my signage?
A. No.  As a candidate you are only required to have your name, as it appears on your nomination paper.  You are not required to put contact information or telephone number.  Please refer to section 88.3 (1) of the Municipal Elections Act.
Q. Where can I find information regarding the Township financials and budget?
A. Please click here for the current budget.
Q. What are the dates and location of voting locations?
A. Please refer to the document Key Dates - click here to access.
Q. When will the voters' list be available to candidates?
A. September 4, 2018.
Q. Can I withdraw my nomination?
A. A candidate who wishes to withdraw his or her nomination must notify the Deputy Clerk in writing before 2 pm on July 27, 2018. The candidate must file his or her withdrawal or statement in person and may be required to provide identification.  The candidate will still be required to submit a financial statement (due no later than March 29, 2019, at 2 pm) covering all financial transactions up to the time of the withdrawal.
Q. Can I change the office/position?
A. Yes. After filing a nomination for an office on Council or any of the school boards you wish to run for a different office, you must:
  • file the Withdrawal of Nomination for the old office
  • at the same time, file a Nomination Paper for the new office*
  • pay the nomination filing fee for the new office

For mayor or councillor candidates, you are not required to submit additional declaration of endorsements – the ones you submitted for the first office is transferred to the second office.

Q. Can I use the Township's website or social media pages to advertise?
A. No.  Candidates must use their own personal website/social media pages to advertise.
Q. Can I use the Township logo on my signs or social media pages?
A. No. 
Q. What method of voting is available for the Township?
A. Traditional paper ballot only.
Q. Are there additional maps/lists available.
A. You may purchase a larger map from the Township for $10.  Also, the voters' list which will be available to you on September 4th will contain all the roads, resident information etc.
Q. Is there a standard mileage rate to use?
A. This is up to the candidate but keep in mind that the mileage you claim must be defendable.