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Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

High Waters in Lower Parts of Ottawa River Watershed

April 21, 2017 – The rise of flood waters on the Ottawa River is slow but continuing and is approaching the 1:10 year flood frequency*.

The slow rise of flood waters on the Ottawa River will continue today aided by runoff from the overnight rains. Levels had dropped yesterday on Lac Deschene but have risen again today. Downstream of Chaudiere Falls the rate of rise decreased slightly but that is likely to change with the impact of the rain.

The locations at risk of flooding on the Ottawa River within the jurisdiction of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority are communities around Lac Deschene (e.g. Grandview Avenue and Britannia) and Boise Village east of Cumberland. There is an estimated 45 centimetres of water at the intersection of Morin Road and Ruelle Dubois in Boise Village that will limit access to homes in the neighbourhood. No reports of flooding have been received so far on properties on Lac Deschene.

On the Rideau system, Bobs and Christie Lakes remain high with some property flooding. With minimal rain in the 7 day forecasts, these lake levels can be expected to begin declining.

Levels on the Ottawa River can also be expected to decline but how quickly depends on what flows are received from further north in the watershed as the spring melt advances. Normally there is a lag between the high flows from the southerly tributaries and that from the upper parts of the watershed.

Spring water safety needs to be observed by all. In particular, children need to be warned of the dangers of cold and fast flowing waters.

Conservation Authority staff will continue to monitor conditions and will issue an update on Monday, April 24.

For water level and flow information in the Rideau system as well as the Ottawa River, visit the RVCA Streamflows and Water Levels webpage at .

For more information about conditions on the Ottawa River, also check the webpage of the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board at .


*1:10 year frequency is the flood level that has a likelihood of occurring of 10% in any given year.


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