200th Anniversary Celebrations


Welcome to the Drummond/North Elmsley 200th
Anniversary Committee Homepage

What are we Celebrating?

We are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the surveying of Drummond Township, which occurred in 1816.  Drummond, Bathurst, Beckwith and Goulbourn Townships, as well as the townsite of Perth, were surveyed at this time as the original Perth Military Settlement.  This was intended to open up greater settlement in the interior (inland from the St. Lawrence) following the War of 1812 and many of the settlers were veterans from that war and the Napoleonic Wars, as well as their families.  Pioneers, coming from the south and east opened up homesteads and with the arrival of these settlers and continued settlement in North Elmsley Township, both Drummond and North Elmsley grew substantially.  Along with this growth came farming, forestry and industry and our founding townships evolved into the dynamic rural communities they are today.  Perth, Tay Valley and Beckwith have also recently formed groups to mark this anniversary and while independent, we will co-operate to co-ordinate activities, funding, research and communications.

Drummond/North Elmsley’s 200th Anniversary Committee

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of this milestone, Council has established a Committee of interested residents from all corners of the Township. Over the next few years, we will be planning events and promotion of the Township’s history and original settlement, leading up to and including 2016.  We are interested in all aspects of our shared history, from the Algonquin heritage of these lands to the settlers who have chosen this area as their home over the last 200 years.

Meetings and Contact Info

Generally, the working group meets at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Township offices at 310 Port Elmsley Road.


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Some of the projects we are working on:

•    Identification and recognition of Century Farms
•    Cedar rail fence project around the Municipal Office
•    Cultural and historical mapping of the Township
•    Settlers Trail along Rideau Ferry Road
•    History of North Elmsley Township
•    Working with Drummond and North Elmsley Public Schools to promote history
•    Re-enactments



What we hope to get from all of this:

•    Honouring the original families settled here, both the pioneer settlers and the Algonquin First Nation
•    Educating residents and visitors about the history of our Township and its original inhabitants
•    Promoting a ‘sense of place’ in our community for new residents and long-standing residents.
•    Economic development and tourist promotion
•    Identifying and preserving our cultural assets (buildings, crafts, etc)
•    Legacy projects: benefit Drummond/North Elmsley now and into the future

How you can help!

Please feel free to drop in for a meeting!  We always welcome ideas and help from anyone in our Township with an interest in history- no prior experience necessary.  If you are interested in a specific aspect of history (ie. military), we have subcommittees working on individual projects.  If you have some interest in marketing or grants, your input would be especially appreciated. If you’re only able to come to the odd meeting and observe, we’d be happy to have you join us.
We’re also interested to know any family stories and recollections, no matter how long or short relating to your family’s history in our Township.  We’re looking to collect as many stories as possible so that we can preserve them for future generations.  For more information, please contact Karl Grenke at the Township office (contact info below).



For more information on the Committee and meetings, please contact:

Karl Grenke, Planner
Township of Drummond/North Elmsley
(613) 267-6500, ext. 230


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